About Us

Barktown Rescue was founded in 2009 by two dedicated volunteers. Seeing a need in their community, these two first got their start working with Nelson County Animal Control to send dogs to rescues all over the country. Even with their best efforts, hundreds of adoptable dogs were being euthanized every year in Nelson County. The two realized the most effective way to make a difference in their community was to start their own rescue, and from there Barktown Rescue was founded in August 2009.

Since then, Barktown Rescue has grown from two volunteers to a network of more than 80 fosters and volunteers. Barktown marked a special milestone in June 2016 when the 3000th Barktown dog was adopted!

All of our dogs are showered with love while they wait for the right adoptive family to come along. Barktown Rescue receives no city, state, or federal funding. We are responsible for earning or raising 100 percent of our annual operating budget.

If you are interested in becoming a foster, please click here

If you would like to learn about other ways to get involved, please email us at info+barktownrescue+org.

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