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Ruby's Happy Tails
Kate Jacques & I adopted Ruby aka Neveah last year & she is a year old now. I thought you might like to see some photos of her. She is a fantastic puppy. A big girl close to 70 lbs all muscle from playing out in the country. Very smart. All you have to do is show her what you want & she will do it & remember it. All the animals adore her. Even Frank, umbrella cockatoo, who usually chases any animal near his cage. He directly shares his treats with her. Her best buddy is our big neutered cat Indy. They have played together like a pair of puppies since we brought her home. With the weather getting nicer she spends a lot of time outside with Jack, neutered 7 yr old basset x husky, ( yes he is a sight to behold ) chewing on things best not described & soaking up the sun.
Originally Published on Sunday, February 23, 2014 under Happy Tails